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Towards automatic Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage: A Transfer Learning based classification step

ArticleJournal paper
Thiago Nóbrega, Carlos Eduardo S. Pires, Dimas Cassimiro Nascimento, Leandro Balby Marinho
Journal od Data & Knowledge Engineering, Volume 145.
Publication year: 2023

Forecasting football results and exploiting betting markets: The case of “both teams to score”

ArticleJournal paper
Igor Barbosa da Costa, Leandro Balby Marinho, Carlos Eduardo Santos Pires
International Journal of Forecasting, Volume 38, Issue 3, July–September 2022, Pages 895-909
Publication year: 2022

Federated and secure cloud services for building medical image classifiers on an intercontinental infrastructure

ArticleJournal paper
Ignacio Blanquer, Francisco Brasileiro, Andrey Brito, Amanda Calatrava, André Carvalho, Christof Fetzer, Flavio Figueiredo, Ronny Petterson Guimarães, Leandro Marinho, Wagner Meira, Altigran Silva, Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, Eduardo Camacho-Ramos, Ana Jimenez-Pastor, Antonio Luiz L. Ribeiro, Bruno Ramos Nascimento, Fábio Silva
Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 110, 2020, Pages 119-134, ISSN 0167-739X.
Publication year: 2020

Investigating the Utility of the Weather Context for Point of Interest Recommendations

Christoph Trattner, Alexander Oberegger, Leandro Marinho, Denis Parra
J. of IT & Tourism, 19(1-4): 117—150, 2018
Publication year: 2018

Early Classification: A New Heuristic to Improve the Classification Step of K-Means

Joaquíin Pérez Ortega, Carlos Eduardo Pires, Leandro Balby Marinho, Adriana Mexicano
JIDM, 4(2): 94—103, 2013
Publication year: 2013

Tag recommendations in Social Bookmarking Systems

Robert Jäschke, Leandro Marinho, Andreas Hotho, Lars Schmidt-Thieme, Gerd Stumme
AI Commun., 21(4): 231—247, 2008
Publication year: 2008